Install: Itatem for large enterprises – Phase 1

Installing and using Itatem for your organization’s user accounts is the best way to protect your organization and to keep the PII of your users safe.

Installation of Itatem requires three (3) steps:

  • Phase 1 – Complete and review the customer survey
  • Phase 2 – Test group
  • Phase 3 – Cutover

Step 1 – Complete and review the Itatem Customer Survey

Please complete the following survey:

Step 2 – Survey Review

Once the survey has been completed. An Itatem representative will contact you to set up a review call where we review your survey and answer any questions you may have.

Step 3 – Provisioning

Itatem will then add and configure your organization to our systems and provision new servers if necessary.

Step 4 – Create Itatem Virtual machine

Itatem will create a customized virtual machine that meets the specification your organization provided in our survey.

Step 5 – Download and Install the Itatem Virtual Machine

Your organization will download the customized Itatem Virtual Machine. Then your organization will import copies wherever needed and start the virtual machine(s). If you organization will be making use of your own Domain Name System (DNS) records for the configuration then please add the DNS records, pointing to the Itatem Virtual machine(s), as needed.

Step 6 – Establish a trusted connection to your Microsoft Active Directory and/or Entra ID instances

Itatem will provide the necessary guides for your organization to follow to establish the requires trust relationships.

Step 7 – Notify Itatem your organization has completed Phase 1

Please send an email to [email protected] and tell us your organization has completed Phase 1.

Next steps: Prepare your test user group

After you have notified Itatem of your organization’s completion of Phase 1, please select a test group of users from our organization to participate in the next phase. More details can be found here: Install: Itatem for large enterprises – Phase 2