Creating a new Itatem account

Creating a new Itatem Identity Account is easy. Adding your license will ensure your account lasts.

To begin, go to the Itatem Identity Bank website and create a new account:

You will see a screen that looks like this:

Enter your identity details and press the “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.

  • Please note you must use your mobile phone number to ensure we can verify you from time to time.
  • Be sure to remember your password.

The system will receive your account and you will see the User Name the system has provisioned for you.

Now go to the login page ( and enter your user name and password. Something like the example below:

Now press the “LOGIN” button.

Please note you are likely to receive a challenge to your login. Until the system gets to know you, you will receive more login challenges than normal.

Stay on the login page, check your mobile phone, click on the verification link and follow instructions to confirm your login attempt.

Once you have confirmed, please enter your user name and password again. When you press the login button, you will be allowed into your account.






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