Install: Itatem for large enterprises – Phase 3

Installing and using Itatem for your organization’s user accounts is the best way to protect your organization and to keep the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your users safe.

Installation of Itatem requires three (3) steps:

  • Phase 1 – Complete and review the customer survey
  • Phase 2 – Test group
  • Phase 3 – Cutover

Step 1 – Install a Windows Credential Provider (WCP)

Install a Windows Credential Provider for your remaining users if needed. use the custom install scripts that Itatem provided.

Step 2 – Configure your devices, appliances, and services to use Itatem

Please configure any remaining devices, appliance, and services to use Itatem.

Itatem supports the common identity protocols. Log into your devices, appliances, and services as an administrator and configure them to use Itatem for authentication. There are many guides available on our support system

Step 3 – Notify Itatem

Notify Itatem ([email protected]) that you have completed Phase 3 roll-out.

Step 4 – Review

Itatem will set up a review call to walk-through your organization’s roll-out, answer any remaining questions, and complete a review on the Itatem systems.

Step 5 – Sign-off

After the review of your organization’s roll-out. Itatem will request a formal sign-off and officially complete your organization’s implementation of Itatem’s Identity services.