Enhanced Security: using the Itatem mobile app

The Itatem mobile app is available on both the Google Play store and the Apple Store.

Using the mobile app allows users to perform authentications via QR code and to perform multi-factor (MFA) confirmations via full encryption. Both of these features add security to your Itatem account.

QR Code logins

Itatem users may need to authenticate on networks/devices they may not trust. In such cases, using the QR Code to login allows a user to authenticate without the username and password crossing the suspicious/insecure network.

The process is simple, when presented with the web based login, click the QR Code option on the top right of the login area:

When you click the QR Code link you will be presented with a screen like this:

Open your Itatem app and click on the “Scan Now” button. Point your mobile device’s camera at the screen/QR code and you will see a login performed automatically.

Congratulations, you have just logged in without your user name / password crossing the suspicious network. You used the mobile devices cellular network connection instead.

You will then be presented with a “continue” link to the web application your are entering.

How is it my username and password are not crossing the suspicious network?

The QR code being used is a randomly generated 10 character code that expires within a minute or two. The QR code, along with your mobile device’s rotating device code perform your login. The mobile device is communicating via multiple layers of encryption. Thus your authentication is very secure. Even if the mobile device is using the suspicious network.

Multi-factor (MFA) confirmations

Your Itatem mobile app is also used for multi-factor (MFA) confirmations. The mobile app uses a rotating device key and multiple layers of encryption to communicate with the Itatem cloud.

These mechanisms offer the highest level of protection for your multi-factor (MFA) conformations.