Login: I am having trouble logging in

The Itatem Identity Banks are carefully constructed to remove identity compromises. This can lead to a different experience that you may be used to.

Our Continuous Adaptive Trust (CAT) system is constantly adjusting its knowledge of your identity and your devices. for the majority of our users, they are never “challenged” because the CAT system has high confidence the login attempt is in fact the user we know and love.

When our Continuous Adaptive Trust (CAT) system suspect the authentication is not you, it will issue a multi-factor challenge. If you have downloaded and are using our Itatem App, you will receive a notification on your phone via the app. If you are not using our mobile app, then you will receive our challenge confirmation link via test message or email. The text message or email will include the five (5) character “challenge code” at it should match the one you see on your screen.

If your account is in “Lockdown Mode” you will only be able to confirm your login attempt from a device you have enrolled in our lockdown system.

Depending on what you are logging into, you may or may not see a message telling you your login attempt is being challenged. You may receive a notification only. Please note that if you are not attempting to authenticate anywhere, do not use the confirmation link. If you are receiving too many login challenge notifications your account may be under attack. If it is, you can protect your account further by putting it into “Lockdown Mode”. You will find this as a link in the Identity Bank itself after you have logged in.

Our identity Banks protect you even when your credentials have been compromised. You are protected, but notified, and have the ability to tighten your accounts security settings to protect yourself even further.

Basic Login Tips:

  • Stay Put: When logging into a web application, stay on the login screen when you see a message telling you your login attempt is being challenged
  • No time to wait: Complete your authentication in a timely manner. Authentication sessions expire relatively quickly.
  • Minimize login failures: our identity Banks protect you from brute force attacks with login session timeouts, login failure account lockout periods, and device co-validation.

Challenge Loops

If you are in a “challenge loop” here is a support resource for you to review: https://support.itatem.com/help/index.php/2023/10/30/login-i-am-in-a-challenge-loop/

How do I handle login challenges?

Here is a guide for working through a login challenge: https://support.itatem.com/help/index.php/2023/10/29/login-am-i-being-challenged-on-my-login-attempt/(opens in a new tab)